Board of The Faculty & Friends Club of FSU  2013-2014

President Annelise Leysieffer 893-1272
Vice President Linda Clickner 703-850-6893
2nd VP (Membership) Fred Leysieffer 893-1272
Past President Josephine Ang 894-6057
Secretary Denise Ellingson 907-9992
Treasurer Calvin Zongker 385-4848
Nominating Committee Chair Josephine Ang 894-6057
Newcomers’ Liaison TBA TBA
Newsletter Editor Annelise Leysieffer 893-1272
Interest Groups Co-Chairs Barbara Elam
Diane Olsen
Friendship* Beth Charness
Historian Neil Charness 385-0500
Scholarship Natholyn Harris
Diane Olsen
Ex-Officio Molly Barron

*Please notify Beth Charness about members who should be sent cards due to illness, birth of a child, congratulations or sympathy.