We are inclusive rather than exclusive. Those eligible for membership are:
(1) current and retired members of the faculty, administrative and professional staff, religious directors, and spouses or widow(er)s;
(2) visiting professors and their spouses;
(3) members of the University’s Board of Trustess;
(4) parents of those listed above;
(5) members of similar clubs at other universities; and
(6) friends who support the aims and activities of The Faculty & Friends Club of Florida State University (formerly the University Club).
Annual dues are $20 per household ($15 for retirees). Make checks payable to The Faculty & Friends Club of FSU.

With the 2017-2018 academic year upon us, it is time to renew your membership dues. All interest groups are part of the Faculty & Friends Club of FSU. Whether you only belong to one interest group or take advantage of all that our Club has to offer, now is the time for ALL attendees, except from the occasional visitor, to submit your dues. Please fill out the form provided below, enabling Bob Clickner to keep accurate records. Please mail your check, made out to the Faculty & Friends Club of FSU to the treasurer, Dr. Eberhard Roeder, 6854 Hanging Vine Way, Tallahassee FL 32317.


MEMBERSHIP DUES       $20/$15 per household


Address: _____________________________________ZIP: _______

Phone(s): (______) _______________(______) _________________

E-mail address(es): _______________________________________


Department(s): __________________________________________

Friend? o Yes o No                        Retired? o Yes o No

Membership Dues per Address: $20 ($15 for retirees):  $___________

Voluntary Contribution to Scholarship Fund:                $___________

Total Amount enclosed:                                                    $___________

Please highlight any changes to last year’s roster and/or add any additions you would like to see added.